Tango Queer is a tango environment open to everyone. It is a meeting place to socialize, exchange, learn, and practice tango as a new way of communication.

In our place we take for granted neither your sexual orientation nor your choice of one role or the other.  What is "normal" here is the “difference”, and when you dance you do it with whomever you want, taking whichever role you prefer.

Tango Queer was created in 2005 by Mariana Docampo and a group of students and friends.  Together, they discussed ideas for a tango scene liberated from the norms and codes of traditional tango, which govern or limit the possibilities for communication between people.

In the beginning, Tango Queer was a tango class followed by a practica at  the bar Simón en su Laberinto in San Telmo, plus a lesson and weekly practica taught by Mariana at Casa Brandon.  In 2007, Mariana opened the Milonga Tango Queer at Buenos Aires Club, which continues to run at this location every Tuesday. 

 Tango Queer organizes many activities, parties and cultural events throughout the year. Since 2006, Tango Queer has been involved with the organization and running of the International Queer Tango Festival of Buenos Aires, and welcomed dancers to its dedicated space there.